10 Brides Reveal The Reason They Wanted to Get Married

10 Brides Reveal The Reason They Wanted to Get Married

From the time we're little, so many of us dream about our wedding day, all the little details, the dress we'll walk down the aisle in and the moment our father will finally give us away. But what about the marriage itself? Why do women actually want to tie the knot? Is it for the tax breaks, the last name or because of societal pressure? Turns out, the answer really just depends on who you ask. We talked to a bunch of brides-to-be to find out why they're so eager to say "I do."

"I've always loved the idea of having a second half, a person that completes you like a puzzle. Luckily, I found that person, and our wedding is now a few months away!" - Kamalyn

"Health insurance! My monthly premium is ridiculously expensive with less than stellar care, while his is very affordable with great doctors. Of course, that's not the only reason I want to marry him. I love waking up next to him every morning and feel like he's truly my equal in life. We were friends long before we started dating, and I'm genuinely excited to spend the rest of my life with him." - Julieanne

"Our marriage talk was actually sparked by looking at homes. There's so many legalities and extra paperwork that goes into purchasing a house if you're not married." - Molly

"So 50 years from now I can say, 'I told you so!' to all the people that said we'd never last. It's been more than five years now, and we're still together and going strong." - Jade

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"Because I'm madly in love with him and know that marriage will only strengthen the bond we currently have and bring us that much closer. There's just something about sharing the same last name as your partner that makes you feel like a family, for me anyway!" - Liz

"For the future stability. Financially and legally, there aren't a ton of benefits to tying the knot where we live because we're already considered to be in a common=law marriage. As much as it annoys me that society will suddenly take our relationship more seriously once we sign a piece of paper, I guess that's just the reality of it." - Alyssa

"I grew up in a family where I always felt like an outsider, so I literally can't wait to share the same last name as my fiancГ©, son and our future kids." - Carly

"So he can't marry anyone else and I can finally call him my husband!" - Lacie

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"I want to get married because I couldn't imagine my life without my fiancГ©. He's seen me at my best and at my worst, and he loves my regardless of my flaws. He's my partner in crime, my best friend, my rock, and most importantly, my family." - Melody

"It's a spiritual thing for us. We want to commit our lives to each other before God and our families. To us, this is the most profound and romantic gesture we can possibly make, especially considering we both come from broken families." - Kim