Mom vs. Mom: How the Mother of the Bride's Duties Differ from the Mother of the Groom's

Mom vs. Mom: How the Mother of the Bride's Duties Differ from the Mother of the Groom's

When it comes to wedding planning, there's enough work to go around - and both your mother and mother-in-law to-be will want to pitch in. So here's how the most important women in your life should divvy up their wedding duties.

The mother of the groom should…

- Offer your beau financial assistance - if desired - for those things traditionally paid for by the groom's family, such as your bouquet and the rehearsal dinner. (But don't be offended if she doesn't - many couples are now paying for their weddings solo.)

- Attend the bridal shower with a gift and a smile.

- Check in with your mom about her wedding-day attire - their looks should complement and not compete with one another - and shop for her outfit up to six weeks before the big day.

- Plan and host the rehearsal dinner, which could take up to six months to organize.

- And dance with her son at the reception, of course!

The mother of the bride should…

- Discuss your wedding budget with you, and the ways she and your father would like to contribute.

- Be the back-up contact for wedding professionals, including your planner, caterer and florist.

- Help you choose your wedding gown - tears aren't required, but definitely appreciated!

- Ask your opinion on what she should wear for the big day, and purchase her attire up to six weeks before the wedding.

- Attend or even organize your bridal shower, depending on what you decide with your 'maids.

- And be there for any pre-wedding breakdowns, crisis and moments of pure joy!

Both mothers should…

- Help spread the word on where you're registered to their family and friends.

- Seek out recommendations for wedding professionals and ceremony and reception sites - as long as you've asked for their input.

- And see you off from the reception as the two of you embark on your new life together!

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