Getting Married in One Month? Here's Everything You Need to Do Before Then!

Getting Married in One Month? Here's Everything You Need to Do Before Then!

It's about that time! You're getting married in a month - choosing your venue is a thing of the past, the final touches are going into your dress, tastings are over and done with (unfortunately), wedding stationery has been selected and it seems as if all that's left to do is walk down the aisle. But not so fast, bride-to-be, there are still a slew of items to complete on your wedding checklist to ensure that your big day (and the days leading up to and following it) runs as smoothly as possible.

In case you haven't been taking advantage of our handy-dandy wedding checklist - we'll fill you in just in time: Just input your wedding date and you'll get a clear list of everything that still needs to be done. For you soon-to-be newlyweds, here's a rundown of what to focus on if your wedding is in one month.

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Perfect Your Wedding-Day Look

These final few weeks will be full of fittings and final touches for your dress. Try to keep your weight stable so that at your second fitting (four weeks before the wedding day) and final fitting (two weeks before), there won't need to be too many changes made to the actual structure of the dress. At your second fitting you'll choose your veil, jewelry and other accessories, which you should bring with you to all other fittings - especially your final. You should also get your hair trimmed if you need it - remember: now is not the time to try a drastic new look! - and have your hair and makeup trials as well as confirm your actual wedding day appointments.

Confirm, Confirm, Confirm

You'll be making a lot of confirmation phone calls and emails during this stage - which isn't the most exciting, but it is an incredibly important step in the process. In addition to confirming your beauty squad, also check in on your honeymoon reservations and make sure everything is a go. Touch base with your families and note everyone's travel details and arrival times. You should also call MIA guests who missed the RSVP deadline - you'll need to give your venue and caterer a final head count a few weeks before the big day. Confirm all final payment amounts due to vendors, every delivery time, location and amount with your florist and every wedding-day detail with your photographer and videographer. Then, finally, confirm with your venue that all of your vendors will have access to the site when they need it.

Last-Minute Details

Create "must-play" and "do-not-play" song lists for your band or DJ. Also, send the wedding weekend itinerary to your wedding party, including all essential events, times and directions. For everything else, make your own wedding checklist to personalize, finalize and complete all of your last-minute wedding to-dos.