How Should We Let Guests Know About Our Shuttle Schedule?

How Should We Let Guests Know About Our Shuttle Schedule?

Offering transportation to and from your wedding venue is a great way to make sure guests get where they need to be on-time and feel free to enjoy the party. The most important step (after booking the shuttles, of course) is letting your guests know when and where to get on the provided transportation, both at their hotel and at your venue at the end of the night. What is the best way to let guests know about the shuttle schedule? Our experts have a few ideas:

The first place to put the shuttle schedule is on your wedding website. Specify when the shuttles will start running, in what increments of time, and from where. Be sure to schedule in enough time so that shuttles can make multiple trips if needed, while still ensuring that guests on the last shuttle will get to your ceremony before it begins, as well as starting the return shuttles at the end of the evening early enough that older guests or those with children can get home at a reasonable hour.

You can also put together an information packet to share with your guests when they check in to the hotel. Tuck the schedule into your welcome bags, or add it to a welcome note to be distributed to guests as they arrive. This should include all of the transportation information that you would put on the wedding website as well (times, frequency, and locations).

When it comes to return shuttles taking guests back to their hotels or designated drop-off locations at the end of the night, you might want to put a small sign by the entrance of the reception, as well as on the bar that lets guests know when the first shuttle will leave, how frequently they'll be running, and what time the last shuttle will depart. Try something short and sweet, like "Ready to call it a night? Shuttles back to the hotel will depart every 45 minutes, starting at 9:30 p.m. The last shuttle leaves at 12:30 a.m."

If the late-night shuttles are going to more than one place, be sure to have a sign in the window of each shuttle stating where it's going so that no one ends up at the wrong hotel!