Bride Called Out for Banning Bridesmaid's Kid From Destination Wedding at Last Minute

Bride Called Out for Banning Bridesmaid's Kid From Destination Wedding at Last Minute

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Destination weddings can often be a blessing and a curse. Once you're there, they are typically super fun and can be like a mini-vacation with a fun party and good friends baked in. But they can also be expensive and involve a lot more planning by guests than a local to-do.

It's also a lot of work for the bride and groom, who have several logistics to organize-and usually those are made well ahead of the actual event. But one bride made a last-minute choice that threw her own bridesmaid's travel plans for a serious loop. The bridesmaid in question took her grievance to online forum Mumsnet, according to Yahoo. "In January my best friend invited us to her wedding which is taking place in July, in another country. She asked me to be a bridesmaid,” the bridesmaid wrote. “The wedding invite stated 'no children' and when I queried this she said they were having an adults-only wedding - except obviously their own children would be there (1&3).”

“She told me that as I am a bridesmaid, my son (2) could come, and she also knows I have no childcare options (dad too old and sick, no parents on husband's side)," the post continued.

With the go-ahead from the bride, the woman and her husband took time off from work, purchased their flights, and booked their hotel. “Today she has told me that my son can no longer come with us as they have decided it really is adults-only, and they don't want the stress of children," she explained. She says her friend even suggested she leave her husband and son at home and come alone to the wedding. "Am I being unreasonable?" she asked the forum.

The internet was appalled by the bride's actions, offering the bridesmaid some options to get out of the sticky situation.

“Wow-she is completely out of order here, particularly as it is a foreign wedding and you have made plans and paid for everything. That is not ok,” one user commented. Another suggested, "I think I would carry on with my plan and let my husband and son enjoy the hotel grounds for the day and sneak them some cake.”

Of course, couples are totally allowed to ask for a no-kids wedding (here are some tips for how to pull it off). The problem here lays with the last-minute change of plans; had the bridesmaid known about the strict situation beforehand she may not have agreed to attend the wedding or had more time to arrange for appropriate childcare.

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