Southwest Airlines Saves the Day by Delivering Forgotten Bridesmaid Dress to Costa Rica

Southwest Airlines Saves the Day by Delivering Forgotten Bridesmaid Dress to Costa Rica

There's nothing worse than arriving on vacation only to find you've forgotten something important. Actually, check that. There is something worse, and that is arriving at your friend's destination wedding locale only to discover that you have left your bridesmaid dress at home. That's exactly what happened to a woman named Grayleigh after flying from Houston to Costa Rica for a pal's nuptials. We can imagine that an overwhelming sense of panic immediately set in-because who wants to be the bridal party friend who messes up someone's wedding day?

It was too late to have the elegant white column dress shipped to the venue, and that's when Southwest Airlines stepped in, thanks to Twitter. Another friend of Grayleigh's tweeted the airline (which the bridesmaid had flown on initially for her trip) writing, "@SouthwestAir help!! My friend is in a wedding on Saturday in Costa Rica but she left her bridesmaid dress here in Houston! Can we get her dress on flight #1734 tomorrow??? #WorthATry #BestCustomerService "

And it worked. Southwest's official account replied, "Alright, let's do this!"

They soon began documenting the dress's journey-from its arrival at the Houston airport to boarding the plane.

The airline also set up a tracker so interested parties could follow along, even giving the dress its own hashtag: #RescueTheDress.

Finally, it arrived at its destination and into the arms of a very happy Grayleigh.

"Yep, that was totally worth it," Southwest tweeted.

"Now that is some customer service," Kenney tweeted. We absolutely agree. Isn't is great to see that even in 2019 social media can actually be used for something good?!?

Congratulations to the happy couple and their persistent, problem-solving friends!

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