These Are the Most Popular Wedding Registry Items in Every State

These Are the Most Popular Wedding Registry Items in Every State

While wedding registries are always personalized to the couples creating them, featuring decor suited to their combined personal styles or cooking gadgets fit to their skills in the kitchen, there are a few wedding registry mainstays that we've come to expect to see on every couple's wish list. From KitchenAid stand mixers to Dyson vacuums, these popular wedding registry items probably have even made their way onto yours. But, as it turns out, the most popular wedding registry item varies from state to state. Curious to see what brides-to-be in your home state want on their big day? According to Bed Bath & Beyond, these are the most popular wedding registry items in every state.

When it comes to one-stop registry shopping convenience, few retailers can beat Bed Bath & Beyond. (You can set up your own Bed Bath & Beyond wedding registry here!) With tons of brands stocked on their online and IRL shelves, it's the perfect place to scan all of your essentials, like housewares, linens, and appliances at a variety of price points. Plus, with free announcement cards to tell friends and family where you've registered, expert consultants to help you decide which items to pick, and a completion program that lets you purchase your remaining gifts at a discounted price after the big day, Bed Bath & Beyond is basically a registry no-brainer.

Clearly, brides and grooms nationwide agree, with countless couples signing up for wedding registries with Bed Bath & Beyond. And on those registries come a few trends the retailer couldn't help but spot. Each and every state has one wedding registry item that trends amongst its to-be-weds, reigning supreme on registries. For example, California couples are overwhelmingly registering for the iRobot Roomba 690 Wi-Fi Connected Vacuuming Robot. Meanwhile, in New York, couples are adding the Calphalon Classic Non-Stick 14-Piece Cookware Set to their wish lists.

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What about your home state? Browse the map below to find out the most popular wedding registry item in every state. Feeling inspired? You can add these items to your own Bed Bath & Beyond wedding registry here!

Courtesy of Bed, Bath & Beyond